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Build a Hen HouseBuild a Hen House - Information on how to build a hen house (chicken coop), construction process of a hen house, standards, materials needed and links with plans and design tips.

Building hen house (Click to enlarge)
Building hen house

We've gathered some hen house plans that could help you in the construction process of a hen house. Also pictures of chicken coops, building and design information.

Hen House Plans

Hen houses are sold online and at feed stores. There's nothing wrong with any of them. They may seem expensive, but building materials can add up fast so plan your chicken coop down to the nails and door hinges before building. Once you have a materials list, it will give you a better idea of the relative cost. Demesne

Hen house plans (Click to enlarge)
Hen house plans


Start by cutting out the different walls. Then cut the 2 X 2 strapping. Attach the strapping by laying it under the plywood and nail the plywood to the strapping instead of nailing the strapping to the plywood. The back wall needs to be spliced together, as it consist of 2 "leftovers". This is done when the building is assembled, by nailing it to the side walls. For the roof, the width is 4 feet (48 inches). However the length depends if there is to be 1 or 2 buildings. For one building a length of 5 feet (60 inches) is needed. Check the rest of the construction process for this small hen house at The Bantam Roost

Hen HouseHen House - A very small hen house site giving you details on various poultry house equipment, as well as how to build a hen house, and possible plans you could use or modify for your specifications.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Build Eazy - Information an a list of materials to build a hen house, free hen house plans and construction standards. www.buildeazy.com

Demesne - Coop & hen house design and free building tips. www.demesne.info

DEAD LINK found 10 May 2010 - pekinbantams.com/henhouse_plans.asp Pekin Bantams - Poultry articles, poultry health, forums, free hen house plans and build instructions. www.pekinbantams.com

Archvied Links

The Bantam Roost - Personal site with free hen house plans, bill of material, instruction and suggestions when planning to build a hen house. Page was last archived on 22nd October 2007 by archive.org. Some images may be missing. web.archive.org

Frank & Dannie's Chukkie Site - Personal site with information about the construction of a large hen house, including the plan. Page was last archived on 15th July 2008 by archive.org. Some images may be missing. web.archive.org

"The overall dimensions of my house and run are approximately 172 cm high at the highest point (excluding roof) and a maximum of 248 cm in length, including run. The beauty of this design is you can make it as large or as small, as short or as tall as you choose. I chose these particular dimensions because I wanted a house for just two hens that would be high enough for me to be able to walk into, (I'm 5'2") would be easy to move around the garden and would be incredibly easy to keep clean." Chrissie: Pekin Bantams

Hen house (Click to enlarge)
Hen house

Check Chrissie's hen house plans and the complete construction process she made at Pekin Bantams website (no longer exists). You can also view more free hen house plans at Build Eazy. They have 8 pages of detailed plansand step by step instructions to build chicken coops. More information about build a hen house here.

Free plan hen house (Click to enlarge)
Free plan hen house
(by Frank & Dannie)

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