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Hen HouseHen House - A very small hen house site giving you details on various poultry house equipment, as well as how to build a hen house, and possible plans you could use or modify for your specifications.

A whole range of different supplies with regards to chickens. Ceramic dummy eggs to help encourage laying, coops/pens, netting, feeders & waterers, ID bands, chicken treats and more! Links to where they all can be bought from.

Chicken Supplies

Here are some websites with a variety of chicken supplies, from coops/pens to food treats. Normally we'd pick out specific products and state their price, details etc and then link you to where you can buy it. But since websites keep changing and products coming in and out of fashion I thought it'd be best to just state some of the best chicken supply sites we could find.

All of the sites are based towards people who live in the USA or the UK. So the prices are either USD or GBP. But if you're from another country that doesn't necessarily mean they don't ship internationally. We will try and state whether they ship worldwide or not, but sometimes the websites don't state it. So it's possible you may have to contact the various websites to find out. Now that's said, lets get on with giving you some chicken supply websites!

Randall burkey company
Randall Burkey Company

This sites sells a wide range of chicken products (and other birds). They sell day old chicks, hatching eggs, various rare breeds, gamebird, and even do chick care and vaccinations.

  • Incubators
  • Egg baskets
  • Egg cartons
  • Coops & pens
  • Nest boxes
  • Predator & pest control products
  • Meal worms (for a treat)
  • Shipping boxes
  • Catching nets
  • ID bands
and of course food. They also sell a whole lot more but it's simply too much to list it all.

Shipping: USA. Check out their FAQ for details.

My pet chicken
My Pet Chicken

With regards to housing they sell wooden chicken coops, eglu plastic coops, coop plans, and coop accessories (like nesting boxes and a mobile pen).

  • Baby chick starter kit
  • Heat lamps
  • Feeders & waterers
  • Organic feed
  • Egg cartons
  • Egg baskets
  • Runs & netting
  • Incubators
  • Nesting boxes
  • Diapers (if you want to keep them inside) & saddles
  • Chicken health & cleaning supplies
  • Day old chicks
  • Gifts for chicken lovers
Once again, they sell more but it's too much to list.

Shipping: USA. Check out their sitemap for details.

Links featured on this page, placed here free

Randall Burkey - Providing you with poultry products & animal healthcare. Ships to the USA.

My Pet Chicken - Details on raising backyard chickens. Purchase chicken coops, baby chicks, feed & water supplies, netting and all of the other things mentioned on this page.

The Poultry Pages - Suppliers of live chickens, point of lay pullets, hatching eggs, bantams, ducks, geese & other poultry in the UK.

Surehatch - They say:- "We sell quality egg incubators, brooders, feather pluckers and all other poultry equipment for chickens, guinea fowl, gamebirds, ducks, turkeys and quail.

Flyte So Fancy - They design and hand-craft an extensive range of poultry houses, as well as a comprehensive range of poultry supplies and equipment.

The Poultry Pages
The list on this particular part of The Poultry Pages website contains a list of websites & companies that supply poultry in the UK. England, Wales & Scotland. And although they mostly contain sites & companies that just supply poultry, some may also provide actual chicken supplies. Some also supply starter packs when buying chickens.



Surehatch state "Surehatch is your No. 1 online source for discount egg incubators and poultry supplies. We sell the best brand egg incubators and poultry supplies available in the United States, including GQF Manufacturing Co, Featherman, Brinsea, Kuhl, Surehatch Egg Incubators, Wolff Industries, Tru Hone, Twice-as-Sharp, Dick, Horizon Structures, and Handcrafted Coops."

  • Egg incubators & accessories
  • Brooders & heaters
  • Breeding pens
  • Poultry processing equipment
  • Feeders & Waterers
  • Scales
  • Nests
  • Healthcare
Shipping: USA

Flyte so fancy
Flyte So Fancy

Flyte so Fancy state they design and hand-craft an extensive range of poultry houses, as well as a comprehensive range of poultry supplies and equipment. If you wish to receive one of their catalogues you can either e-mail them or phone them. (Details are provided on their website).

  • Electric fencing
  • Chicken coops
  • Poultry supplies
  • Poultry equipment
  • Egg boxes & labels
  • Auto door openers
  • Signs & notices
Shipping: UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands & Germany

Items weighing over 30kg are only shipped to the UK & Ire.

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