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Poultry house (Click to enlarge)
Poultry house

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Poultry house equipment

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Chicken coops

A very small hen house site giving you details on various poultry house equipment, as well as how to build a hen house, and possible plans you could use or modify for your specifications.

Hen Houses

Also known as chicken coop, this is a building where chickens are kept on a farm or homestead. The inside of the hen house normally consists of several nesting boxes just large enough for the chickens to sit in while laying their eggs, as well as perches for the chickens to use while sleeping. Often the floor of the hen house is covered with a material, such as straw or wood chips, to contain the chicken waste, and to allow easier cleanup of the chicken coop. Sometimes hen houses contain feeding and watering devices for the chickens, but these may also be kept outside of the house.

Build a hen house (Click to enlarge)
Build a hen house

Many people, especially in rural areas, keep a small flock of chickens to provide themselves with eggs and meat. These small coops are often surrounded by a fence, usually made with wire fencing to allow the chickens an area to roam, peck, and hunt insects, to keep them contained. Contrary to popular use of the term, fencing known as "chicken wire" is often too weak to pose a barrier to predators and is therefore seldom used to confine the birds. Wikipedia

On build a hen house you can read some information, visit links, and see pictures that would help you if you are planning to build a hen house. After you have built it, you'll need some equipment, check some samples of poultry house equipment you should have, depending on the hen house you have built or bought. Feeders, drinkers, ventilation and cleaning systems are a must to maintain your hen house (and its residents) to keep it in good condition. Plans of chicken coops can be found here, as well as building and design tips.

Hen houses (Click to enlarge)
Hen houses

Poultry House EquipmentPoultry House Equipment - Find poultry house equipment; cleaning, ventilation systems, waterers & feeders, some things you need to have when planing to buy or build poultry houses.

Build a Hen HouseBuild a Hen House - Information on how to build a hen house (chicken coop), construction process of a hen house, standards, materials needed and links with plans and design tips.

Hen House PlansHen House Plans - We've gathered some hen house plans that could help you in the construction process of a hen house. Also pictures of chicken coops, building and design information.

Chicken SuppliesChicken Supplies - A whole range of different supplies with regards to chickens. Ceramic dummy eggs to help encourage laying, coops/pens, netting, feeders & waterers, ID bands, chicken treats and more! Links to where they all can be bought from.

Keeping ChickensKeeping Chickens - Details and links to keeping chickens and what is involved. Things you should look for in your chicken when you're buying, and other things you may need to know when keeping chickens.

Our Friend's Hen HouseOur Friend's Hen House - Pictures & details of a hen house a friend of ours has. It may give you some ideas you could apply to your own hen house. What sort of food and water feeder she uses, as well as things like electric wiring to keep foxes out.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

BackYard Chickens - Information about raise chickens, build a hen house, hatch eggs, pictures of chicken coops, designs and more. www.backyardchickens.com

Wells Poultry Housing - Poultry housing and poultry house equipment. Feeders, drinkers, door openers, heat lamps, nest boxes, egg machines, books and more. Buy online, contact them for shipping options. www.chicken-house.co.uk

Ideas 4 Pets - Chicken coops, hen runs, hen houses and more. Online orders, UK shipping. www.ideas-4-pets.com

Poultry and Waterfowl Housing - Coops and houses for ducks, chickens, geese and other garden pets in the United Kingdom, also poultry house equipment. Online orders. www.henhouses.co.uk

Guinea Fowl. - Printable hen house plans for hen housing. also pictures and a suggestion of books you could buy. www.guineafowl.com

All prices and information on this page were submitted on August 2007 - Check product source for any changes

Hen houses available to buy

Forsham 602A Chicken Ark
  • Overall Measurement: 1400mmD x 720mmW x 620mmH
  • Made from quality Scandinavian Redwood Timber.
  • This broody ark gives a sitting hen a secure haven during incubation.
  • Sheet of 2" x 2" mesh that goes on the ground in the run area to stop digging in and out.
  • Optional extras available.
Hen house (Click to enlarge)
Hen house

143.00 each
(UK Shipping)
Click here to buy

Covered Cottage Chicken Coop
  • Constructed from quality timber.
  • Felt covered roof to prevent wild bird droppings.
  • Overall measurement approx: 66"L x 30"W x 40.5"H
  • Door with perspex windows on front of sleeping area for easy access.
  • Non-slip ramp leading from sleeping area into run.
Chicken coop (Click to enlarge)
Chicken coop

165.00 each
(UK Shipping)
Click here to buy
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